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Launch of White Tiger to Abudawood Trading Company

Launch of White Tiger to Abudawood Trading Company
April 15, 2014 qwtadmin

On a recent visit to Jeddah the Quill International team David Dore (Chairman), Nick Dore (Managing Director) alongside Tanya Lovell (Sales Manager) and Allan Wilson(Product Development Chemist) were delighted to present the latest White Tiger laundry detergents to the Abudawood Trading Company, at their group meeting.

The visit included presentations on the business and the product range on offer. Highlighting the flexibility and proactive approach of Quill International business as well as explaining the chemistry behind the products and why they work the way they do. Following the chemistry lesson by Allan the Abudawood representatives from the Jeddah, Dammam and Riyadh offices showed laundry items and discussed individual problems that the whole group then found useful as the solutions and product recommendations were discussed.

To support the official launch of the White Tiger brand and the investment in time by the Abudawood team , Tanya presented all the White Tiger representatives with a promotional White Tiger bag including a White Tiger shirt, pen and folder. The branded testing kits were also presented at this point.

After the presentations in the Jeddah office Allan was enthusiastically taken on a number of on-site visits over the next week to look at the specific challenges facing their laundry’s, from washing prayer mats to starching ghoutra’s as well as bed linen, towels and uniforms. Allan found this experience invaluable as it allowed him an opportunity to demonstrate how to use the testing kits in situ to ensure maximum performance from the professional laundry detergents on offer from White Tiger.

Paul Wood, Sales and Marketing Manager of Abudawood was delighted by the success of the visit and Nick Dore said “I’d like to thank everyone for their time and I look forward to a closer working partnership in the future. It has been a great experience visiting the country and getting to meet the White Tiger team.”