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Common Laundry Problems


Poor Starch Result

Cause: Insufficient use of sour in wash system

Resolution: Check PH of laundry using PH paper use sour to adjust to 5.5-6.6 – See Test Kit

Cause: Inadequate/uneven iron pressure

Resolution: Visually check the iron for sideward’s movement etc.

Cause: Insufficient dosing of starch

Resolution: Check dosing level with your White Tiger Representative.


Cause: Inadequate sour levels alkalinity to high on rinsed fabric:

Resolution: Refer to Test Kit – See your White Tiger Representative for additional dosing of Sour

Cause: Heat along with un rinsed chlorine:

Resolution: Addition of metabisulphate solution. Refer to Test Kit and your White Tiger Representative


Causes: Water hardness: Excessive water hardness can cause greying of linen – Refer to water hardness test in Test Kit

Resolution: Refer to your suppliers of water softening equipment

Cause: Redeposit on of soil. Increase levels of White Tiger LC2 which contains specialist anti-redeposition agents

Fabric Damage

Causes: Mechanical. Check for obvious tears in fabric without weakness to the surround fabric

Resolution: Investigate machine load rates and refer to manufacturer

Cause: Excessive heat during tumble drying. Check for browning and rough feel

to towels where fibres are singed at the edges

Resolution: Refer to manufacturer

Chemical Damage: Most likely caused by un-rinsed or neutralised alkali or chlorine in combination

with heat. Refer to Test Kit and use fehlings test to check for chemical damage to fabric

Resolution: Addition of a metabisulphate sour along with further dosing advice from your White Tiger Representative